• Image of "Twothirtyeight Reunion Shirt" -Only two left.

Twothirtyeight got back together in 2012. We played three shows: Atlanta, Pensacola Beach (for DelunaFest) and at the Handlebar, a famous old club where Twothirtyeight played many times back in the day in Pensacola.

We made these shirts for those shows and they all sold out, except for a few that I saved. Kevin Woerner designed it and it was based off of handkerchief material. We had a few guitar amps with the grill cloths replaced with handkerchiefs, so it's a little tip of the hat to that.

These are priced high because I really don't want to get rid of them. If they do sell I am using the money to buy a nice P.A. system to put on my own DIY shows in Seattle. So the dream lives on.....

There is one XS and one Medium.