• Image of Custom Song For You. Performed At Upcoming Show.

Want to tell your girlfriend how amazing she is in the most unique way possible? Do you have a friend that you want to play a prank on? Does your boss kinda suck?

Here's how it works:

1. Buy a song on here in the city you want. (I'm only selling one song per city)
2. Email: Customsongforyou@gmail.com. Names, facts, stories. Tell me what you want the song to be about and give me details.
3. Show up at the show. At some point in the set I will dedicate this song to you and your loved one (or worst enemy) and I will play it.

******Please put the name of the CITY in the subject line, and make sure your notes are submitted 48 hours before the show at the latest.

Thanks for taking part in this. It will be fun!